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Back in action

So I guess I kind of dropped off the planet for a while. Life can really catch you by the leg and and leave you wondering why you can’t get anywhere. However, like the fabled phoenix bird, I have risen up out of the ashes and am back in the game.

My first order of business was tending to my practically abandoned etsy shop – It was just really depressing to keep listing stuff and not see any action, but all the changes they have going on there have inspired me to give it another go. I’ve decided to focus on scarves and wrist warmers this time around and see what gives. I’ve also decided to focus more on knitting – It seems that people are more interested in crochet patterns than finished products (I’d like to sell patterns, but don’t have a clue how to start that up…)or is it my imagination? Anyway, the sticks have been calling me, so I guess its time to focus on that. But, whether people want it or not I love to crochet so that will always be in my collections…
So with that said here are some pieces from Fall/winter 2011 –

More to come…