Getting ready!

So tonight is the premiere of the new season of project runway and I have all my supplies ready:
1. my latest project on the hook
2. popcorn – no butter or salt (joyless I know, but I need clean fingers to work!)
3. one or both of my non – sleeping children
4. Popcorn with salt and lots of butter (there is no way I can work on anything with my rambunctious munchkins flanking me on either side of the couch so I might as well enjoy my greasy popcorn…)

I just love the drama of this show – the impossible time constraints (design a couture dress with stuff from a hardware store in 10 minutes!…), the clash of personalities and the inevitable elimination at the end of each show (was it fair?). The contestants on this show have my utmost respect – would you be willing to bare yourself as an artist on national TV and work and live with people you might cross the street to get away from, then be told that the garment you just slaved over and really love is a total piece of crap? I couldn’t do it. I mean really – these people whip up original patterns in almost minutes and manage to create garments that in the real world would require a team of at least 10 people! As a former dress shop owner I know how hard it is to create garments that are original, wearable, commercial, and pretty in a tight time frame – God bless these people and I wish them all luck!

Meanwhile here a some more hats –

More to come…


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