The crochet sweater dilemma…

It seems that around this time of year I always become very ambitious and decide that this will be the year I design a fall / winter crochet sweater collection. The problem is that crochet fabric is not really conducive to sweater makin’ – unless you use verrrry thin yarn – say lace weight for instance – you may end up with an unwearable beast that:
1. is heavy as lead
2. so bulky you can’t wear anything over it
3. a total money suck – you need lot’s of yarn for a sweater…
4. becomes a size headache – will I do custom? Just make one size? Sigh….
5. and last but not least, is so hot you feel like you are being punished each time you convince yourself to wear it.
Oh well, I’ll figure it out…

Meanwhile, here is the first piece of my lace t-shirt collection –

More to come…


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