So I know this is old news now, but i’m kind of slow on the draw with these things – I’m sitting at my kitchen table threading some beads and watching my kids fight over a little piece of plastic something that neither of them really wants while watching that annoying Nancy Grace (please don’t ask why…) and I hear the verdict for the Anthony trial and I thought I had gone deaf for a moment – NOT GUILTY! Seriously! No, surly I heard that wrong. I’ve been listening to really loud music lately and I figured I must have busted an eardrum or something. I have to admit that I have barely been following the details of this trial because its just to horrifying to fathom, but from the little I’ve absorbed (mostly unwillingly) I was sure that she would be found guilty, then hung, shot, drowned, reanimated and then beheaded. But I guess not. Wow…

Meanwhile I know its hot as the devils balls almost everywhere state side, but here are some hats I just re-shot for my fall winter collection…

More to come…



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